A plastic surgery is a procedure that raised many debates on the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure itself and the effects to people. It is a procedure that involves reconstruction, alteration or restoration of a human body that needs professional to done it, the plastic surgeon. So, here are some pros and cons of a plastic surgery:

1. Risk and complication. A plastic surgery has certain risks, like any other surgery. It could raise some complication in the future, depends on who is doing the procedure and the health condition of the patient themselves. The patient needs to make sure that they get the best plastic surgeon to do the procedure or they risk themselves in a major complication that will lead to serious health problems.

2. Expensive. A plastic surgery is known to be more expensive than any other surgery for it needs to be done perfectly. Never use the service that promises cheap price but the procedure will be done from inexperienced or untrustworthy ‘specialist’. The price might be a problem for people who need it but they don’t have the money to get the best service because of there a very little insurance that will cover it.

3. Painful and could lead to drug abuse. After the treatment complete, many people will feel an extreme pain that needs a long time to recover from it. Like many traumatic experiences to the body, plastic surgery need times to heal. To ease the pain, patients will need to get painkillers and them who couldn’t take the pain will likely abuse the drugs that make them feel numb from the pain. This will lead to a serious health problem like drug addiction.

1. Gain back self-esteem. Many people undergo plastic surgery because they have a problem with their confidence. There are so many problems that could be resolved by getting plastic surgery like cleft palate. They need plastic surgery not only to gain back the function of their body but to also give a better self-esteem.

2. Appearance. Appearance is important to make people feel good in their own skin. This is what plastic surgery aim, to make people feel good about themselves. There are some studies that show many people have a better quality of life after they get plastic surgery.

3. Improve or repair body function. There are many people that were born with the birth defect that needs to get plastic surgery or it will cause problems and discomfort. Getting plastic surgery will improve the bodily function and they could live healthier and happier.